2020 Season Relaunch At Nerang Soccer Club

Training to start back from Monday June 15th — Here’s everything you need to know about how and when our 2020 Football Season relaunch will proceed.

Hey kids, time to lace up your boots is just around the corner!

Firstly, the club would like to extend an enormous thank you to everyone, especially our parents and players, for their tremendous patience and understanding through a very difficult few months in limbo. We can assure you that we have shared your frustration and idle confusion as we’ve waited to see just how the various levels of government and the sport’s governing bodies navigate through this, and ultimately secure a pathway forward. The state government’s latest ‘Field Sports Guidelines’ initiative outlines what is permitted and expected as we return to football.

Read the latest here also from Football Queensland regarding the new training rules and structures — https://footballqueensland.com.au/2020/06/04/covid-safe-plan-approved-for-football-in-queensland

We are pleased to say, today a revised set of guidelines and rules were released by the State Government which will permit training to return at Nerang from Monday June 15, and that football will return at Nerang for a wonderful 2020 season ahead, albeit in a modified form and possibly a little shorter season than normal.

  • TRAINING STARTS FROM 15th JUNE – Schedule to be released shortly
  • COMPETITION GAMES RETURN JULY 29 – Schedule to be released by Football Gold Coast ahead of games returning

IMPORTANT: Nerang Soccer Parents and Players please check your emails and follow all directives from the club that will come via email so you can resume your training activity for 2020.

All of the following is subject to change as this is a dynamic and evolving situation, however the club is very optimistic that this will be our pathway forward —


Starting June 15 at Nerang — Stage 2

  • Training will recommence for all junior and senior teams (schedule to be released and sent out soon — we are working it out as we speak)
  • Training will be on a strict ‘non-contact’ basis with gameplay restricted to keep players and coaches 1.5m apart or further
  • Each group (team or squad) are limited to maximum of 20 persons in each zone, which includes coaches or training staff, at any one time
  • Each group must space themselves as instructed and planned to prevent overlapping or contacting other groups, a minimum of 5m between zones with there being no more than 3 zones per field (max 60 persons per field at any one time)
  • One single parent or caregiver to attend training per junior player for U6s and U7s, with grandparents or second parents or other family members advised not to attend — all other parents must remain in cars or off site. This policy is currently under review and will hopefully change very soon.
  • Drop off and pick up your junior players if safe and suitable, and follow club guidelines for drop off and pick up protocols
  • Players to arrive and go straight to their designated training area or with their coach as instructed, and to leave promptly after training (no hanging around for hours playing or kicking balls or hanging out at the clubhouse)
  • All players to bring and use their own water bottles and personal equipment and apparel, no sharing please [no water bottle = no play] — water bottles to be kept separate so that players during drink breaks are not all together in close proximity
  • All players to enter and exit each zone as advised and signed
  • Session times may be slightly reduced to allow teams to leave the field and their zones and allow incoming teams to not overlap
  • Coaches, staff and players to avoid all physical contact including no handshakes, fist bumps, hugs, contact tackling, close marking etc etc
  • If spectating or supervising (as permitted only), all parents and spectators are to sit apart, off the field, in a designated area behind fences and not sit together in any groups
  • All signage and directions from club officials and staff must be strictly adhered to at all times
  • The use of hand sanitiser and hand washing is encouraged at all times and frequently, as well as all more-general social distancing rules regarding proximity and things like covering coughing or sneezing
  • If you need to visit the clubhouse for purposes of enquiries, using toilets or visiting the canteen, you must follow all signs and keep spacing at all time, and do not linger or hang out
  • The use of bibs for training will be discouraged — if bibs are to be used, players must each be assigned a bib and must wash, care for and use only their bib for the duration of Stage 2
  • As we commence, more information, signage, guidelines etc will become available through your coaches and through officials and posted around the grounds


From July 12th — Stage 3

  • July 12 onwards – full contact normal training to recommence
  • From July 29 – Revised and modified 2020 football season to recommence (fixtures and schedules to be developed between now and then)
  • Some competitions may be modified to include possible midweek evening or afternoon games, or smaller sized games with fewer players per team
  • Some competition may be in the carnival format with multiple games on a single fixture
  • This modified competition will run later into the year, running at least until October 31st and will consist of a 14-week competition draw for all juniors – the fixture draw will formulated once clubs return to training and resubmit their teams and player numbers to Football Gold Coast
  • We expect the competition to nonetheless be substantial and constitute a full 2020 season for our players regardless of how it is structured or set up
  • Various social distancing and Covid-19 strategies will remain in place and will be revised by this time


As the club understands, most people will be pleased to see this however we also understand that some players and parents may find that the above plan clashes with things like summer sports and other commitments and we certainly do appreciate this and understand. We equally ask for your patience and understanding as we slowly work through this.



The previous 2020 season draws and plans have been abandoned by Football Gold Coast, and as such with the shuffling of teams and player numbers across the city, new draws and competitions will be set up after training returns next month.

Training times and dates for each team will be published ahead of our return to training on June 15th

If you are in contact with your coach, please feel free to contact them and confirm your commitment to the existing team or squad you are in.

If you have any questions regarding junior team training days and times when training returns, please contact our Junior Coordinator Bryce 0433 139 289 or at br777@iinet.net.au


Fair Play Vouchers Boost (Get Started)

The Queensland Government has announced a massive boost to this scheme, to commence when Stage 2 happens next month. Applications ‘will open when Stage 2 commences’ according to the Government.

This will allow up to 73,000 young players of sport in Queensland (their parents or caregivers) a chance to receive up to $150 per player refund from the government on their 2020 season fees. For example, eligible parents and caregivers may be those who have pensions or hold health care cards.

We encourage ALL Nerang Soccer Club parents to investigate if they are eligible for this and apply as these vouchers are always on a first in best served basis. If you do receive a voucher you can bring it in to the clubhouse and Nerang Soccer Club will refund you the amount off your fees.

More information and registration for this program can be found at https://www.qld.gov.au/recreation/sports/funding/fairplay



We have fielded several enquiries about refunds and cancellations and please understand we have not been in an informed position until now to properly respond to some enquiries.

After training recommences at Nerang, should players/parents decide they no longer to continue with the 2020 season, they should contact the club by emailing registrations@nerangsoccer.com — and request a refund. Refund policies with the various bodies are currently being finalised.

Fees for each player are broken down into a range of components, from covering insurance and governing body fees, registration and referee fees along with uniform, equipment and apparel costs. Some components of the fees may not be refundable, for example; at the time of the arrival of Covid-19 and the suspension of football this year, Nerang Soccer Club had already ordered, paid for and received all players’ uniforms and kit for the 2020 year so this component of the fees may be subject to being un-refundable depending on where the club sits after we return to training.

The club will do its best to work with parents through this and ensure that we do as much as possible to meet the expectations and needs of you all. Please be reminded we are a team of volunteers working hard to make football available and enjoyable for all of our members, players and parents.

Nerang Soccer Club and in fact almost all community sports clubs rely on participation rates, fees and registrations to remain viable every year and the financial hit from this Covid-19 pandemic to Nerang Soccer Club is yet to be fully realised, but we can attest it will be significant.

We again ask for patience and calm as we work through this, and as more information comes to light.


Further Information

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