2022 Juniors Return To Training Info

Times and days for our 2022 teams, as well as club protocols and useful information.

Welcome to Nerang Soccer Club for 2022, thanks for your patience as we all return to the club from another difficult year last year and get the wheels in motion. Below is some useful information for parents and players.



Training recommences this week, with all junior teams currently training Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  • Under 6 to 12 – 4:30pm to 5:30pm every Tuesday and Thursday
  • Under 13 to 16 – 5:30pm to 6:30pm every Tuesday and Thursday
  • Under 18 – 6:00pm to 7:30pm every Tuesday and Thursday

If you are unsure of where to go or which coach or squad you are allocated to in the preseason please just head up to the clubhouse and ask at the admin window.



Returning players please wear your Nerang Soccer gear until you receive your 2022 kit.

New players please arrive at training —

  • Wearing your boots, double knot please if suitable
  • You must wear shin guards/pads
  • Football suitable shorts and shirt until you have your training kit
  • Full drink bottle which is clearly marked with your name or initials
  • NO fitbits, jewellery, chains, watches, piercings, exposed zippers or hard items, this includes religious items as per FIFA regulations
  • Sun protection in the summer months is at parents or caregivers discretion
  • Personal items are the responsibility of the owner/player so please don’t bring valuables (phones/ipads/games/excessive money etc) to training



ALL players, parents, caregivers and visitors at Nerang Soccer Club are expected to follow the various codes of conduct set forth by Football Australia, Football Queensland and Nerang Soccer Club at all times.

Nerang Soccer Club is an inclusive club — any person who behaves in an antisocial, threatening, vulgar, or dangerous manner will be asked to leave. Please consider that the following is prohibited at Nerang Soccer Club at all times —

  • Bullying or putting down others
  • Inappropriate swearing and vulgar language
  • Racism or sexism
  • Threatening or violent conduct
  • Verbal or physical abuse
  • Theft or wilful property damage
  • Antisocial behaviour or any behaviour that knowingly harms others
  • Abusing, criticising or threatening referees or volunteers

Complaints, concerns and conflicts should be directed to the head office and committee to be resolved in a professional and respectful manner. Please remember our staff, coaches, players and referees are almost always here in a volunteer capacity.



It is very important that parents, caregivers and spectators ensure they contribute to a safe, prosperous and effective training and playing environment. Please make sure you ALWAYS —

  • Stay out of the training and playing areas, away from coaches benches and technical areas, behind the fences where it applies and give space to coaches and teams
  • Please DON’T shout instructions and directions to your young player from the sidelines, if you have any concerns or questions or suggestions regarding anything game or training related, please see the coach AFTER the session to discuss professionally
  • Add to a positive and supportive environment by setting the example with praise, supportive comments, good cheer and encouragement — we do want to hear you making the players feel special and confident
  • Young players will make a lot of mistakes, they are meant to and encouraged to do this as this is the best way to learn — let them make the mistakes and let them learn, don’t criticise or be negative please
  • Coaches at Nerang are volunteers with varying degrees of football knowledge and qualification, please support your coach and assist where suitable or needed — know a lot about the game? Put your hand up to coach or be an assistant!
  • Please be the best role model, pick up after yourself, use supportive language, demonstrate respect and contribute to the best experience possible for all the young players and coaches
  • Referees are often young, and like players they will make mistakes and are also there to learn, please support them and DO NOT abuse, threaten or criticise them

Happy positive parents who support and sit back create successful and capable young players!



Are due now, please make payment or enter into a payment scheme with the office ASAP



See our CONTACT page to find the right person who can help you or head in to the office admin window at training or on game day to enquire.