2022 Miniroos Grading Information

Nerang Soccer Club Miniroos Grading Saturday 19th February 2022 | Information for parents and players

The club will be holding grading games this Saturday for our 2022 U8s through to U12s.

The purpose of this process to assess players’ individual standards and abilities in the game, so that players are placed in the best possible team and environment for the year ahead.

Grading is an important process which provides an opportunity to place as many players as possible into teams/squads training with and playing against like-skilled players — entered into a suitable a level of competition that ensures they have an enjoyable and successful season of football. Players who are noticeably overskilled or underskilled within their team and competition are often disadvantaged in terms of their development and enjoyment of the game.

Nerang Soccer Club recognises that team placements can sometimes not meet the expectations of every single parent or player, however we always strive to provide the best outcome we can for every player — the best chance to grow, learn and succeed as well as enjoy the game.

Grading is conducted by several Nerang Soccer Club senior and experienced coaches, and no coaches are permitted to grade players from their own team’s age group or pool to ensure objectivity and fairness in this process. Placements are at the discretion of the club, may be subject to change, and any parents/players wishing to discuss teams and placements with club officials can do so AFTER the grading has been completed.



  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your child/s grading is scheduled to start, the earlier the better to avoid the stress of late arrivals
  • Important: Players are to participate in grading for their own age level only (as shown below) even if they have played up an age before – opportunities to play up again in 2022 may exist but grading is to be done in your own age level
  • Players please warm up/stretch before your start time, and please DO NOT boot balls around at goals or anywhere else and do not touch any balls, bibs or equipment that may be laid out
  • Players are to be suitably dressed in football attire including boots, shin guards, a marked full water bottle — NO jewellery, watches, fitbits, studs, rings or chains or any items which may harm other players. If your player needs glasses we recommend sourcing proper sports glasses with a secure soft strap
  • Please leave valuables at home or with parents
  • Sun protection is at parent’s discretion, we highly recommend applying sunscreen at least 15 minutes prior to commencement and before young players become active and perspire
  • Head to your field allocation and players please follow all officials and coaches directions
  • Parents please stay clear from football areas and behind fences where it is in place
  • Parents please refrain from instructing, directing or shouting out to players during the grading games — feel free to cheer and encourage your kids but please no instructing, coaching or directing
  • If parents have any questions, please see staff at the clubhouse



  • Bring a positive attitude and enjoy the day
  • Follow all coach instructions or directions
  • This is NOT a test or assessment of your football future or potential, there is no score or mark, this is just a basic grading of where you are currently with your game
  • Remember, coaches are looking at many characteristics in players, not just who scores goals or who is faster or stronger
  • Be yourself, be your best and be part of the game!
  • Even if this is your first time playing soccer, we are just as excited as you to see you in action and looking forward to it!
  • Remember to treat all coaches, fellow players and parents with respect and fair play