Players, or if you are under the age of 18 at the time of filling out your form then parents, please agree to the following terms and conditions to participate in the AFA program.

I as the player (or parent or guardian if under 18 years of age) agree that I understand that AFA training is high intensity professional level football development training and agree to abide by all rules, guidelines and decisions made by and set forth by the Academy of Football Australia (AFA) staff, volunteers and coaches at all times.

I agree that —

• AFA training is physically and mentally demanding at times and that players will endevour to do their best at all times to listen, keep up, put in maximum effort and strive together within the group
• Player’s must bring a positive attitude to every session and conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times
• Bullying, verbal and physical intimidation, racism, prejudice and anti-social behaviour is strictly prohibited at the AFA — the AFA is an inclusive environment
• Disparaging, defamotory or otherwise critical or damaging language or references towards other players, the AFA and Nerang Soccer Club organisations, logos, uniforms or personelle will not be tollerated
• Players must leave their mobile devices away from the training areas at all times, and no responsibility for personal property will be accepted by the AFA — leave it at home, lock it up and look after your own property
• The AFA reserves the right to refuse training and participation to any player on any grounds and that they may offer a part or full refund at their own discretion should I be unable to participate in the program
• I agree to disclose any medical history or condition or reason that may impact my ability to participate in this program to the • AFA coaching staff prior to commencing the program training
• Any player whose fees are not paid in full prior to program start may be refused particpation and may be removed from the program
• Players may be moved up or down in age groups at the AFA’s discretion based on suitability of maturity, ability level and physical size
• This training is for serious players with established football experience for their age level. AFA players are expected to already have demonstrated a strong football ethos, and be at an intermediate or advanced level, and that beginners and those still finding their feet in the game may be refunded at the sole discretion of the AFA
• Parents, care givers, spectators and friends are welcome but reminded to never enter the training space, remain off field at all times and not instruct or pressure or engage with players during the session. Any concerns must be raised outside of training times through the appropriate channels.
• Players, parents, care givers, spectators and friends are expected to adhere to the FFA Code of Conduct at all times, and anyone found to be in breach of this may be asked to leave and refused access to the program
• Our coaches and staff are people too, please respect them
• Parents, caregivers and players agree that players may be filmed and photographed during the training program by official AFA / Nerang Soccer Club registered staff and grant perpetual unlimited use publishing license to the Academy of Football Australia and Nerang Soccer Club for use in media, marketing, social media, press, commercial, editorial and other media content online, print and in broadcast to all content produced or captured during the program. If you wish to opt out of this please contact with your request. All coaches and photographers/filmers are registered with the club and hold valid and current Queensland Blues Cards or equivalent
• Personal photography is permitted at the training however if you wish to use professional equipment, telephoto or zoom lenses or any equipment deemed to be above personal use please seek permission from AFA staff first
• Persons using social media to post any images or content from AFA sessions must do so in a legal, respectful and positive manner. Social Media posts which are deemed to be potentially damaging to the AFA or Nerang Soccer Club or any of their staff, coaches or other players may result in expulsion from the program