Bob Gets Behind The Eagles With Carnival Donation

With the enormous task ahead of hosting the 2019 U12 Grading Carnivals for the whole of the Gold Coast, the Eagles would like to shout out a big thanks to our area Councillor, Bob La Castra, for his contribution towards hosting this event and supporting the club.

Nerang Soccer Club sits in a unique geographical location on the western fringe of Cr La Castra’s division 8, and despite most of members and players actually being constituents of Division 5 and some from Division 3, Cr La Castra has continued to support the club over the years with his ongoing contributions.

Nerang Soccer Club has seen significant growth in player numbers over the last 5 years, due to multiple factors including the partnerships forged with the Academy of Football Australia, with Celtic FC and the more general growing interest in Nerang Soccer Club’s reputation as a quality family sports club that promotes high standards and inclusivity.

Contributions that our club receives from Councillors like Bob La Castra and Division 5 Councillor Peter Young are a vital part of the club being able to sustain itself and meet these growing demands.

For our Under 12 Grading Carnivals, Cr La Castra has donated $500 per event which will be used to cover part of our set up costs and operational costs for each day of the event, allowing Nerang to not only hold a successful and enjoyable event for everyone attending, but also operate our critical club fundraising mechanisms such as our canteen and BBQs which we are sure will be running at capacity or more.

We are expecting a few thousand people to pass through our gates over the next three Saturdays and we look forward to putting on a fantastic Carnival, and wish all the teams, coaches and players the very best of luck in their matches.