Celtic Academy Heats Up On Second Day As Nerang Lads Hit The Green Fields

It was a mixed bag of gleaming sunshine, a sprinkle of rain, grey clouds and a welcome bluster for the second day of Nerang Soccer Club’s Celtic FC Academy Coaching Clinic – held this time at the club’s home pitch of Glennon Park.

Scottish coaches Graham and P.J. has the squads on their toes for much of the day, mixing a great combination of critical skill work with fun and exciting game play.

Celtic’s junior coaching mentor P.J. instills some of his 17-years of coaching experience into our youngest academy players

The instantly-recognisable leap ahead was strongly evident in all of the players, especially the younger ones, who have already been demonstrating a newly-forged football acumen well above their years.

Academy of Football Australia and Nerang Eagle’s Junior Coaching Director Darrell Olive chipped in his expertise and drive to make sure the middle boys were pushed to their limits, making the most of every minute of the day on the pitch.

Not all the drills are as simple as passing and turning, try heading it on to the cross bar repeatedly in a race to avoid doing laps – good old-fashioned football pressure and skill training!

Not even half way through and we are seeing great results even if a few of the lads have pulled up short. The gruelling 5-day clinic runs until Friday, where we are certain everyone will come away with life-long lessons and extra skills they can take forward into their local game.

There’s a sense of something higher though, perhaps extending beyond the clinical components of the academy each day, and that’s the club and family sentiment that’s growing fast.

Great friendships, commitment and camaraderie are at the forefront of each day and it’s been great to see the fundamental importance of club pride and passion shining through with all – the Celtic and Nerang relationship growing strong and proud.

Oh, and not to let that get away from us; a massive congratulations goes out to the Celtic FC premiership team, who have clenched their incredible 6th straight Scottish Premier League title on the eve of our own Nerang Celtic FC Clinic this week!

Nerang and Academy of Football Australia’s Darrell Olive speaking some solid soccer
Action everywhere we looked
Pay attention! A great chance for local lads to learn the Celtic Way!