Club Shirts Headed To Help Cambodian Kids

Nerang Soccer Club is proud to have joined with the Robina chapter of the Newlife Church to donate a stack of old and new playing shirts, polo shirts and apparel which will soon head to the village of Poipet on the border of Cambodia and Thailand.

Byron Davis, a local carpenter and all round builder bloke has taken several extended trips to the Cambodian township as part of his Church’s mission, helping to build a brand new school in a place where few children have access to such infrastructure or opportunity.

Did we mention the other important thing? The school will have a soccer field!

Right now the pitch is dirt and many of the kids play in bare feet, but Byron and his many colleagues hope to change that as they slowly carry out the construction of a school building and associated amenities.

Soccer is an extremely popular sport in the region and despite the sparsity of resources and widespread poverty, kids still line up with excited faces to play the game whenever, and wherever, and however they can.

The new school’s current soccer field, where kids often play barefeet and without uniforms. We are told that the plan is to hopefully one day have the area grassed. It certainly makes us all grateful for what we have here at Nerang.

Nerang Soccer Club was recently made aware of an opportunity to contribute to this amazing mission, and we have scoured out the back room to put together a series of kids-size playing kits as well as a whole bevy of unused club polo shirts, training tops and even some shorts which we hope will go a long way to making sure that some of those who least have the means still get the opportunity to experience that very special feeling of being part of a soccer team and part of the game of soccer.

Some of the major issues impacting the region around Poipet include drug trafficking, prostitution, money laundering and gambling, and the effects of this sadly flow into the communities and impact the day to day lives of the villagers and children.

The crew from Nerang Soccer Club and from Robina Newlife spent an hour sifting through the boxes on Thursday to put together the uniform package destined for Poipet in Cambodia.

Newlife Robina provides assistance for the Bridge of Hope Newlife Church in Poipet, and Byron has been supporting the school and church for the past seven years.

We are told that local individual members of Newlife Robina directly support over sixty children living in the slums there, giving them opportunity to attend the school and support for other basic needs, helping them and their families who are living in the slums.

“The kids love their soccer, but providing team uniforms and equipment is always a struggle,” said Newlife Robina Church member and fellow missionary Elwyn Syers.

To officiate the handing over and the ‘new life’ of our old gear (although there was a lot still with tags and in their original bags), Nerang Soccer Club Premier League captain Tolga Yorulmaz dropped by the clubhouse giving his time for a quick photo with Byron – a photo we are sure will excite the kids in Poipet when they see it no doubt.

“It’s really important, this is a good thing and I’m happy to see this happening,” said Tolga when he was told where the apparel was headed.

Newlife Robina’s Byron Davis and Nerang Eagles captain Tolga Yorulmaz with some of the Nerang gear that will be given a second life with the soccer kids in Cambodia.

We’re looking forward to following the progress of the construction of the school there, and wish Byron and his colleagues all the best for their selfless and generous pursuit.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: The next phase will be a boots collection run that Nerang will hold at the end of the 2019 junior season, calling on all parents whose kids may have outgrown their boots to donate them to this worthy cause and to the aspiring kids in Poipet – we’re certain that an old pair of kids boots here would mean so much more to one of the kids over there. So start dusting off those old boots and, if they’re in reasonable condition, we’d love to collect them for the kids of Poipet!

VIDEO BELOW: An update from Byron on the progress of the school.