Nerang Eagles Clubhouse Disaster – Tap Error Causes Significant Damage

PHOTOS: The Nerang Soccer Club clubhouse has been damaged overnight by a series of unfortunate events, leading to a major flooding incident inside the premises.

Some time yesterday morning the mains water was switched off by council or water workers – temporarily shutting down water supplies to our clubhouse. During this period, someone appears to have innocently attempted to turn on our taps in our bathrooms. Presumably, finding that no water was flowing, the taps were left in the fully open position.

Later on and after the clubhouse was secured for the night and vacated, the water has been switched back on, resulting in a full flow in our bathroom basins for which the drains were unable to sufficiently cope with. The average tap delivers about 20 litres per minute when on full – about 1.2 physical tonnes of water per hour.

The result has been a full blast tap running all night and into much of today, flooding out into our clubhouse and putting our floors under water including our back room, office and all the way up to the bar area. Had there not been a game today, then the flooding would have been even more excessive.

There has been significant and irreparable damage to our timber dance floor – a feature of our clubhouse since it was built in 1987 – and as such the boys chipped in this afternoon to rip it out and remove it as well as sort the mess out – a big effort from all who helped out well done!

The volume of water has been significant and there’s not much of the clubhouse that escaped its wrath

A specialist carpet cleaner arrived late this afternoon and sucked the majority of the water out of the clubhouse, not before a team of Eagles committee and stalwarts spent the afternoon working hard to remove everything affected, stacking stuff, binning damaged items and starting the long process to fix the clubhouse.

The carpet may be saved at this point however there has also been damage to the sub flooring in the office and it is speculated – for now – that the entire office including walls and floor may have to be removed and rebuilt. Other items damaged were equipment, shelving, cabinets and many boxes of items.

Without preempting what exactly takes place next, we are fairly confident that insurance will cover the damage and allow the club to rebuild and repair the spaces.

That being said, please be aware that the clubhouse and office may be in a state of partial operation and/or modified operation for some time until repairs and formalities can be undertaken and completed – everyone please be patient with the process.

On the bright side, things could always be worse haha and we’ll probably laugh back at this in the months ahead. Some of the good-spirited jokes this afternoon by those cleaning up the mess were pretty funny and it’s a good start. We’ll be back and better before you know it.

If it was you who maybe left the taps open and on, we’re pretty sure you’re going to hate this post lol … but yeah, this actually happened haha!

Thank you to the carpet guy who came out on short notice, great job sucking out so much water (it went to water the grass in front of the clubhouse) and as we left tonight he had a barrage of high powered fans out looking to save the carpet. Insurance company and repairers … it’s over to you!

It’s no shiny new polished floor, it’s Lake Eagles in the clubhouse today!
Traversing the dancefloor this afternoon was more like walking on an unstable floating pontoon, with water surging up and bubbling out with every step you took
Water 1, dance floor 0 – that was the score in today’s clash of the clubhouse elements