Covid Safe Reporting When Visiting Nerang Soccer Club

All you need to know about attending, spectating and visiting Nerang Soccer Club during stage 3 of the easing of Covid 19 restrictions.

ALL persons who visit Nerang Soccer Club for more than 15 minutes at any time must register their visit and basic contact information with Football Gold Coast as part of our mandatory requirements. This is very important and is not optional so please assist the club by doing so through one of the following methods.

IMPORTANT: You must ONLY register your visit on the same day that you attend the club, not the night before or day after etc. and you MUST register every single time that you attend the club. Every person must register, not just one person from your group.


Not using a smart phone or QR Codes? REGISTER YOUR VISIT ONLINE HERE

METHOD ONE – QR Code at the venue (Easiest)

Head to the clubhouse upon your arrival at the club and look for the signs with the special QR Code on them. Use your smartphone to scan/photograph the QR Code and it will take you to a simple online form. Fill out the form in full every time you visit and you’re good to go. If your phone doesn’t automatically recognise QR Codes, be sure to look in the App Store or on Google Play for one of the many free QR Code Apps that you can install to enable your smart phone to use QR Codes.


METHOD TWO — Online here on the day of your visit

ONLY on the day of your visit, go to the online form FOUND HERE and fill out the form in full, this must be done for each day you visit, and you’re good to go.


METHOD THREE — In person with no smart phone or online access

If Smart phones and QR Codes are not your thing, head to the clubhouse on arrival and enquire to fill out a Covid Safe Reporting form in person each time you visit the club.



Strict social distancing and hygiene practices are still in place, so all parents and non officials must keep out of playing areas at all times, follow all signage and direction, remain at least 1.5m apart at all times and avoid handshakes, fist bumps, hugs and general contact with anyone not from within your own household.

Please follow all directions and signs at the clubhouse when visiting our canteen or bar or toilets.

Please wash hands and/or use sanitiser often and as is supplied.


Again, we understand that this may be frustrating for some however this is the current policy of mandatory reporting which enables Nerang Soccer Club to remain open with games and training so please be patient and we appreciate your participation.