Dorbeaux’s Shock Return Fires Up Eagles Nest For 2022

It has been announced that the 2022 Nerang Eagles Premier League head coaching role will see the return of one of the club’s former greats, with French-born Dominique Dorbeaux late this week accepting the offer to return to his former club.

Dorbeaux featured in 72 games for the Nerang Eagles during one of the greatest and most successful periods in the club’s 50-year history, playing from 1983 through to 1986 [and again for a brief stint in the 1990s] at a time where the club was known far and wide for the unique ferocity of its players and immovable winning culture.

Competing in the fiery Brisbane leagues of that era, between 1982 and 1986 the Nerang Eagles bagged two League Premierships, earned three League Promotions and appeared in three Grand Finals, winning two of these. The stellar winning run peaked with Nerang scooping the Brisbane First Division double (league and grand final titles) in 1986.

The announcement comes on the back of a tumultuous few weeks for the club after the sudden departure of club partners Academy of Football Australia and the subsequent exit of the newly appointed coach Joan Perez who had previously accepted the offer to take the reigns for our Premier League men’s teams next year.

In a brief interview last night, Dominique Dorbeaux signalled his intentions by already naming several key players slated to put on the red shirt next year — players who he sees as instrumental in ensuring Nerang not only remains competitive, but continues to build as a top performing club in South East Queensland.

“We want to bring a culture back to this club which will make the players want to come back each year, this is what we want to do.

“We want those boys to be playing here for the next five or six years at the club, and want to be really part of the club, stay on for a few drinks, really socialise and become a part of the club community here.”

Dorbeaux transitioned from his playing days to coaching in 2003, and in that time has gained extensive experience in football leadership and coaching strategies, with his most recent position being Director of Coaching at Runaway Bay Soccer Club.

The veteran Nerang Eagles player is brimming with enthusiasm and passion for his new role at Nerang, and has already set plans to begin training next month in preparation for 2022.

“This is the great opportunity to begin with a clean slate, I’ve got the opportunity to bring in the players I would like to come here, and hopefully we can bring that in to Nerang and naturally go and play some really good football along the way.”

Returning to Nerang Soccer Club in 2022, former club champion and incoming Premier League coach Dominique Dorbeaux says he’s on a mission to see the club return to its winning ways.

Dorbeaux says the revolving door culture seen in recent years across the Gold Coast football landscape has not helped to build the game or make our competitions stronger, and that the real power of a club is in creating a place players and spectators want to be at and want to stay with — a place where they are part of a family as well as a football team — and that he believes Nerang’s best days are still ahead.

“We’re hoping to be bringing some of the old boys [and girls] and their kids returning back to the club next year and I want to help bring in the family culture and historical culture to connect to the football side of things … my boy is here, he is an original Nerang boy and he is finally back here at the club, so we are looking forward to that … I think this is what has been lacking on the Gold Coast for a while, and this is the opportunity to build it again.”

He admits, there’s going to be some challenges ahead but says he already has a vision and plan to set in motion, looking to strengthen the foundations of the club and be part of the next chapter.

“This year is going to be hard, because we are [somewhat] starting from scratch again, to reorganise the club the way we want, all of us together.

“You’ve had a few coaches over the last few years — Garlo and Dave and Lee — and they’ve brought in players, some have left and some will stay, and if we can keep those players who stay for the next few years I think we can build on this, especially for next season then we’ll put forward another very good side especially for the club’s 50th year.”

Dominique recognises the need to integrate the club’s youth with the senior football vision, and says he is ready to make young footballers a cornerstone element of his emerging squad and work to help them rise as highly successful and capable footballers at Nerang.

“This is why we are here, you’ve pinpointed that — we want to unlock young players, to bring in those 16 and 17 year old players [who are stepping into senior football] and give them the best experience and chances.

“We want to make sure that the lads from last season’s Coast League side have a place here if they want it, and give them the opportunity to continue to find success at Nerang — there’s plenty of good lads in there which we can actually make a lot better.”

Plans are already underway to unveil brand new advanced youth programs at Nerang, further diversifying the offering of football to junior players in the city to make sure that high performance young players get the best opportunities at Nerang whilst also catering for the important club kids as well.

Club President Fred Stone is thrilled to have Dominique on board and says it has reinforced the fact that Nerang will continue to be a club that provides football opportunities for a wide interest base, helping players find success and football happiness at the Eagles.

“It’s a tremendous result to have Dom signing with Nerang for 2022 and beyond and returning to the club, he has exceptional football experience, as a player and as a coach he is up there with some of the best in the region and knows what it takes to win,” said Stone.

“I think you’ll find that next year will be another big year for us at Nerang, not just in terms of our 50th celebrations, but on the pitch as well.

“We’re certainly looking forward to a more integrative approach at Nerang where our advanced juniors, our club kids, our boys and girls and men and women all rise together and continue to find football success here.

“It’s always been part of Nerang’s foundation and constitution that we are a family club and we all pull together to get the best results we can on and off the field, and I’m very excited to see Dom here wanting to be a part of that again.”

Welcome home Dom and best of luck for 2022!

Interested senior men’s players and emerging youth players looking to enter senior football can register their interest by emailing with the subject line 2022 Interested Senior Player and add in your details, contact info and football resume.



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