Eagle’s Claw Cantina Has Two New Delicious Items On The Menu

Keen to hook into some mouth-watering winter-warmer fish and chips or looking for the right sports drink to replenish and maintain your training and game-day strength?

If so, then look no further than Andy’s famous Eagle’s Claw Cantina this winter!



Added to the already scrumptious menu are the brand new fish and chips, served piping hot with your level of salt and a selection of sauces on offer at no extra charge.

5 fish bits, battered to perfection, served with a bed of golden chips – $7



Long before Powerade and Gatorade came Australia’s own Staminade, the king of sports and electrolyte drinks.

Less sugar than Powerade, great taste and with an added magnesium boost that instantly fights fatigue and cramping – the best sports drink on the market.

In Andy’s fridge right now, go get yourself an ice cold Staminade and keep performing!