Important Notice On Bullying, Behaviour And Conduct Of Players, Parents & Visitors

Nerang Soccer Club is a club built on inclusiveness, friendship, support and teamwork and as such, it is important that all of our players, coaches and parents and visitors are reminded of the club’s stance on bullying and the treatment of each other at the club.

Firstly, we are very pleased to see that the vast majority of all of our players, parents and coaches are very respectful and inclusive at the club, and we are proud of the support and friendship we see happening in leaps and bounds every day at the club. Thank you to everyone who have made this club a wonderful place for all of our players and visitors.

There have been some very isolated instances of players bullying other players and team mates, foul language, harassment, teasing and other forms of intimidation and conduct witnessed between players, and on rare occasions from parents or coaches. We would like to remind ALL persons who attend our grounds, no mater their position or reason, of the following rules and expectations.

  • Bullying, intimidation, teasing, badgering, racism, threats and/or harassment will absolutely not be tolerated by ANYONE (player, parent, coach or otherwise) at any time for any reason. If a person is subject to this or feels threatened we urge them to approach the appropriate person at the club (their coach, an administrator or official) to report and/or discuss it confidentially.
  • Foul language, personal remarks, slurs and otherwise unwelcome comments, or any other derogatory or intimidating conversation or shouting is also not acceptable by anyone at our club including parents and players – this goes for all times including training, matches and around the clubhouse and grounds.
  • Parents please remember, as per FFA rules of the game and best practice – shouting from the sidelines at players with excessive demands, excessive instruction, criticism or any derogatory or demeaning language or content is not permitted – this goes for players on your team and opponents also. Parents are free to shout encouragement and cheer for their teams and players however the coach has an important job, so instructions and football related calls should be left to the coaches, managers and assistant coaches. If parents have a concern, please discuss respectfully with your child’s coach before the game, at half time, after the game or at training.

PLAYERS please remember that your team will always be full of different people and that we are all Eagles, all on the same team and that you must treat your fellow players, your coaches and all club officials with respect and courtesy at all times. It is your job to support and look after your team mates at all times no matter your differences. Also remember there is always someone to talk to at the club, be it any coach, any club official, our Club President, our admin staff, canteen staff or more. Don’t ever be afraid to speak up and come to us for help.

PARENTS please remember that these are kids, this is just a game, the coaches and officials and many referees are all volunteers, the purpose of club football is for the players and spectators to enjoy the experience and this is not the World Cup. If your child is playing up, teasing or bullying, please take appropriate action and talk to your child – your assistance in the prevention of bullying at the club in also very important. Parents please be open to conversation with your child and, if need be, discuss bullying and teasing with your child.

COACHES & ASSISTANTS please remember that kids will be kids, parents are protective and caring and that junior football is meant to be a place of safety, fun, support and inclusiveness at all times.

In the absolute best interests of the club’s players and visitors as a whole, if any problem regarding the above issues is deemed excessive, persistent and/or disrupts the normal operations of the club, any team or the game of football itself, the club will take all appropriate and necessary actions and steps to prevent reoccurrence and ensure the environment at the club remains safe, enjoyable and friendly for ALL persons.

If anyone has any enquiries or concerns they can contact any of our officials or team – details HERE.