Junior Eagles Up Your Grades With Turnaround Tuition

Struggling at school or just wanting to hit the A mark more often? A former Nerang player wants to help you!

Brent Arcuri and Mikayla Kersten created Turnaround Tuition after graduating high school in 2016, with a view to give kids just like themselves a leg up in the challenging environment of school.

Brent, himself a player with Nerang since 2004 (his father Rob started at Nerang back in 1990), aims for Turnaround Tuition to create a safe, comfortable and rewarding environment for all of their students.

Turnaround Tuition can not only cover tuition across a broad range of subjects but can come to the club as well, before or after training.

Mikayla and Brent understand the hardships of school in the modern world and are very keen to assist and support young people on the Gold Coast, including our young Eagles, and to push them to their full potential.

Studying and staying on top of school work whilst playing a lot of soccer can be difficult – that’s where Turnaround Tuition comes into play!

Chatting with the pair we discovered it’s not just about the grades, but the way in which kids learn that’s the focus of Turnaround Tuition.

“We want to change the way our students perceive knowledge and learning,” said Mikayla.

“We want them to understand that learning can be more than a chore to simply pass school – knowledge is for life and learning can be too.”

Brent has always been passionate about helping others.

“We came up with the idea for in-sport tutoring and when I thought about Nerang and how many hours students spend at sporting clubs, it seemed only logical that we offer kids the chance to get on top of their schoolwork while they wait for training or for their pick up.

“Mikayla used to competitively swim which took up 20+ hours of her week when she was still at school, and even when I was playing soccer it took up 10+ hours of my week – those are hours that other kids’ often use to study and stay on top of their school work.”

Turnaround Tuition has recently decided to partner with The Nerang Eagles to offer cheaper group tutoring lessons before and after training sessions, held inside the clubhouse.

This is a prime opportunity for students to study and train all in one place.

“We’re not about pushing kids too far or forcing them to get straight A grades, our philosophy instead brings us back to the simple idea that confidence is the key to improving attitudes and seeing results rise,” said Brent.

“Once we can show students that their self-worth does not reflect in their grades, but in their confidence and their attitudes toward learning, the grades naturally come alongside it.”

Brent also says that learning in an environment where there’s just a handful of students per tutor or teacher is a sure way to fast-track learning growth, which is exactly what Turnaround Tuition aims for.

“We will set out a section of the clubhouse with tables, chairs, whiteboards and stationary with a maximum 1 to 4 tutor to student ratio, and students can bring any sort of work they need assistance with.

“We can also provide resources and material if the student does not have specific work they need help with.”

Mikayla said it’s all about building relationships as well as the kids’ getting better grades.

“This will also allow us to give back to the club – we will be holding a few free sessions at the beginning and we will have incentives for the students … our aim is always to create a great relationship with the student and parent,” she added.

PARENTS! Get in touch with Turnaround Tuition today and book in a session to kick start your child’s journey up the classroom ladder as well as their soccer competition ladder.

VISIT www.turnaroundtuition.com or Call Brent and Mikayla on 0433 390 549