Junior Registration Closing This Week – Hurry, Don’t Miss Out!

The 2018 season at Nerang Soccer Club is shaping up to be a firecracker, however some parents have not yet signed their kids up properly to play and as such, the club can’t put them into a team.

We are calling on all last-minute registrations to be completed no later than this Monday the 22nd of January and for all payments (in full or via a payment plan with the club) to be finalised no later than this Tuesday evening the 23rd of January.

If you have not registered your child or children it is critical that you do so by visiting the Play Football website RIGHT NOW to register your kids immediately.

You can choose to pay online at the end of this registration process OR you can visit the club on Tuesday afternoon from 4:30pm to enter into a payment plan with the club OR pay over the counter at the club with cash, VISA or Mastercard.

We have noticed we do have a few extra players at training here and there who have not yet registered so it is vital that this is taken care of immediately or your players may be excluded from training and may not be eligible to join a team this year – which we don’t want of course but we must get everyone registered now for insurance and allocation purposes.

If you have any concerns or questions, please email admin@nerangsoccer.com or visit the clubhouse admin window this Tuesday afternoon from 4:30pm onwards.

THANK YOU to all who have registered so far, and welcome to all of our new Eagles for 2018!