Lee Vernon Set To Fly As 2020 Eagles Premier Coach

Nerang Soccer Club would like to announce and welcome outgoing Broadbeach United coach Lee Vernon to the Eagles as he joins the Eagles ahead of next year’s season, taking on the role of head coach for our 2020 Men’s Premier League squad.

Vernon, who recently departed Broadbeach after 10 years of service and a difficult 2019 season, has already embraced his new home and set his plans in motion, citing the strong youth base and club culture at Nerang as motivators for his decision to make the shock move.

“I’ve known Paul (Cockbain) for a long time and I know he’s a good football person, he’s been at this club for a long time and so has the rest of the board, and that club stability combined with what’s happening with the youth set up at Nerang was pretty appealing to me.”

Former Broadbeach United stalwart and Premiership winning coach Lee Vernon joins Nerang Soccer Club for 2020

In a move that’s certain to shake up the 2020 competition, Vernon says he’s keen to implement the right formula to unite the club’s acclaimed youth system and emerging Academy of Football Australia players with the established experience and strength of some of the older heads – deliver a results-orientated 2020 squad who are hungry and capable.

“When I looked around the Coast and looked at what was out there, the set up at Nerang with the youth talent and solid foundations is what appealed to me personally the most.”

Nerang fielded some very exciting players and I’m hopeful that they’ll all hang around and mix it in with some of the experience a few of the lads coming over have got
– Lee Vernon

Despite some incredible achievements in 2019, consistency on the field again became a sticking point for the club however the Eagles’ incoming coach hopes to deliver the missing components to that mechanism by building on his record at Broadbeach.

“I think if you look back at the last ten years of my coaching, the one thing we have been if anything else is consistent, I think I know what I need to do to add that consistency into the existing squad and to Nerang’s campaign.

“Last season and the season before Nerang fielded some very exciting players and I’m hopeful that they’ll all hang around and mix it in with some of the experience a few of the lads coming over have got … it should be exiting times at Nerang in 2020.

“Culture is everything and we all play because we want to win trophies and we want to enjoy it but you do that by creating a strong culture.

“I’ve been lucky enough in my previous clubs to have created a great culture and I definitely want to continue on with the culture that Nerang already has established and hopefully add my little piece to it.

“My first year of coaching at Broadbeach we won the double – I’ve got exactly the same aspirations for next year’s season at Nerang, that part doesn’t change.”

Joining Vernon in his move Nerang are several key players who are to be announced at a later date.

Eagles play-maker Koji Kato in action during Nerang’s 5-1 thumping of Broadbeach in 2019. New coach Lee Vernon hopes many of the existing Nerang squad will stay on to bolster the teams for 2020 and mount a serious campaign for Premier League title glory.

Nerang club President Brad Davies is extremely optimistic that Nerang will again rattle the cages of some of the top teams in the region, saying that he’s feeling encouraged by Lee’s immediate confidence and desire to get Nerang performing to the level required for success.

“Like Lee said, he wants us to be up there challenging for the trophies just like the first season he banked at Broadbeach and the club has the same aspirations so we’re certainly eyeing top four or beyond which is fantastic.”

“The club environment right now is great, we all have a lot of fun and enjoy being down here so hopefully the boys coming over will love the club and want to stay here for years to come as well.

With club numbers rising at the Eagles and three straight years of top-three finishes in the Football Gold Coast Overall Club Champions race, Davies says that the addition of Lee Vernon is another solid brick in the foundation-building journey the club is undertaking.

“The club is in a great place at the moment with a lot of growth over the last five or six years, and this is just another step forward with that positive growth.

“Whether you’re new to the club or thinking about getting involved or getting your kids into a team there’s never been a better time to become part of the Eagles’ football family and we’re very confident that the 2020 season will be electric for Nerang’s Premier League teams under Lee, something that’s worth spectating and getting behind for sure.”

Nerang Soccer Club is set to formally announce Lee Vernon as the 2020 Premier League head coach at an informal gathering tonight at the Nerang clubhouse — 6:00pm meet and greet with incoming and Premier League players, support staff and club committee.

Welcome Lee Vernon to the Eagles!