Nerang And Gold Coast Juniors Above Expectations Of Celtic Academy Coaches

It’s not just the ability on the field, it’s the whole package that’s impressed the Celtic FC International Academy coaches this week at the first ever Celtic FC coaching clinic and training camp ever held in Queensland.

P.J. and Graham from Scotland have been very impressed, and despite pushing our squads and players hard, are lumping praise on both the players and the local coaches for their strong football commitment and discipline.

Graham Diamond has remarked this morning just how impressed he is with the culture and training dedication of the Nerang AFA players.

The Academy of Football Australia’s elite programs along with the various levels of competition and social coaching structures at Nerang Soccer Club have certainly impressed, and it’s testament to the incredible effort of all of our Eagles and those that spend their afternoons and evenings working hard to see the club excel.

On the pitch and off, Nerang is soaring and well done to the boys and girls this week at the Celtic Academy – two more solid days to go so put in the hard yards Bhoys and Ghirls!

Wild roos (in the background), flying foxes, mozzies and some barbed-wire fences – all smiles from P.J. though!

And a bucket list moment late today as both Graham and P.J. got to get up close with a couple of wild kangaroos and some big fruit bats in a patch of bush not far from the club – we heard they got the full Crocodile Hunter experience from our photographer Luke who had them sneaking under barbed-wire fences and taking in some proper Australian fauna lessons. P.J. is keen to find some sharks and we hear he may just get his wish come Saturday when he hits the water for a surf lesson!

“Hey Skippy, you ever seen two green Scots rolling in the meadow? Haha!”