Robinson Shatters FFA Cup Record For Fastest Goal

A stunning new record has been set for the fastest goal scored in the history of the national FFA Cup football tournament, with Nerang Soccer Club’s Shaun Robinson’s shot crossing the goal line after just 11.2 seconds in their round two clash with visiting Bribie Island FC on Saturday.

Eclipsing the previous record of 26 seconds — set by Dan Heffernan for Heidelberg United in 2015 — the head-turning goal was the result of Nerang’s forwards pressing fast and dispossessing the ball from the Bribie defence just moments after kick off.

Resembling more of a track sprinter’s time than a football hall-of-fame record, Robinson’s goal set the benchmark early for what would become an 11-goal trouncing over their opponents at final whistle, with a sharp-looking Nerang outfit keeping their foot to the pedal for the entire 90 minutes.

Robinson was adamant it was the team’s plan all along to press hard from the start, attributing his record-smashing goal to his teammates’ efforts to close fast and take the ball.

“They went backwards, we pinched the ball and broke through,” he said.

“It [11 seconds] will definately be hard to beat but at the end of the day I just tapped it in — it was the pressing from all the other lads that got us in that position to be able to do that.

“I just got on the end of it — that’s my job, so I just did my job and we got lucky.”

Nerang, who play in the Gold Coast’s top flight Premier League competition, dominated the game for the full 90 minutes to finish with an impressive 11 goals at the finish along with a clean sheet for former England National C-Team goalkeeper Harvey Rivers, who kept his defence pressed deep into Bribie’s territory.

The win and record goal from Robinson has left Nerang’s head coach Lee Vernon feeling confident heading into their next Cup match this Sunday against Brisbane’s Taringa Rovers.

“I’m optimistic about some of the new players we’ve brought in, and some of the players who are back from injury from last season, they’re like new signings now so there’s a lot of positives to look at for Nerang,” said Vernon right after the game.

“With FFA Cup games there’s not a lot of information on the opposition at times, we didn’t have a lot on Bribie Island and didn’t know what to expect but for us it was all about attitude and discipline — I was after a little bit of a ruthless streak and we missed that last season but that was the focus of today.

“Today we scored after 11 seconds and off the opposition kick off which was bizarre, but it was a great start for our first competitive game of the season.

“The record was 26 seconds so we’ll see if we can get Robbo’s [Shaun Robinson] name up in lights nationally, but it was a great way to start the game.”



Shaun Robinson says he is hungry for more success after his team’s rollercoaster year in 2020 which was hampered by a significant toll across the squad, Covid impacts and inconsistent results.

“The FFA Cup’s great … of course we want to go as far as we can because we get to play more games, potentially travel to places we’ve never travelled, so we always love the FFA Cup — if we lose it’s not the end of the world.

“We want to focus on the [Gold Coast Premier] League and the grand final, that’s our target.”

Nerang’s 11-goal win topped the field of competing Gold Coast clubs, with Southport, Surfers Paradise and Palm Beach also banking convincing wins to advance into the next stages of the FFA Cup.

Nerang hosts Taringa Rovers this Sunday afternoon and club officials say they hope to again lead the charge for the remaining Football Gold Coast teams chasing Cup glory.