Taiwanese Kids To Benefit From Nerang Training Sessions

Next Tuesday will signal the arrival to Nerang of a special group of U12 and U10 players from Taiwan, here to train alongside Nerang and Academy Of Football Australia coaches and players and no doubt experience a style of football which is certain to be different from that in their home city of Taipei in Taiwan.

The ‘LS Soccer’ club are bringing 15 players along with several club coaches and officials to the Gold Coast, after brokering a partnership with Nerang Soccer Club to share training and coaching philosophy over several key sessions to be held at Nerang.

The LS Soccer team are coming to Nerang!

The exchange of football fun and goodwill is all about seeing kids from both clubs develop not only better football skills and abilities, but an appreciation for the global connections that football can foster through the exchange of ideas, cultures, experiences and friendships.

Whilst no official games are slated, players from both clubs will get the chance to match it up in a series of drills, training challenges and activities under the watchful guidance and eyes of coaches from both clubs.

Nerang Assistant Junior Coordinator Luke Sorensen says that relationships like this are part of what makes Nerang a special club and that exposure to the game beyond the boundaries of our city is key to improving the development of our own players and the game locally.

“I think it’s fantastic to see so many new connections being made at Nerang, and whether it be a partnership with an international club like Celtic FC or hosting a small team from another country to share some training exercises, it’s all bringing better knowledge and understanding into our club which is invaluable and inspiring,” said Sorensen.

“When the LS Soccer representative Ben reached out to Nerang we were more than happy to shift a few sessions about and make sure these kids get the chance to come out, see and experience the game the way it’s played here – from our Miniroos right up to our top performing JPL and Academy of Football Australia squads.

“It’s exciting and the club certainly is looking forward to opening the door more often to visiting teams or clubs who want to travel and expand their soccer horizons – just like our Academy boys will be doing shortly with their annual trip to the United Kingdom which is something that’s been inspiring and pushing our top young players for quite a few years now.”

The LS Soccer U12 team will be mixing it up with a selection of our own U12 players from various divisions, and the younger LS players will get the chance to rub shoulders with the best of our own U8, U9 and U10 players across several training sessions through the week.

During their visit, the Taiwanese touring group will also be taking time out to visit some theme parks, explore our city and take in some of our natural experiences from the beach to the hinterland.

The stay will also include spectating a Football Gold Coast U15 JPL match and a BBQ get together at the clubhouse.

The LS Soccer touring teams will train at Nerang from Tuesday afternoon 30th July and finish with a last session and BBQ on Sunday 4th August.

Keep your eyes peeled next week and be sure to say hello and welcome our visiting friends to the Nerang Eagles!