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Eagles Celebrate Triumphant 50 Years Of Football In Style

It was a star studded line up of Eagles legends who gathered at the Royal Pines Resort last Saturday to celebrate an incredible 50 years of the Nerang Eagles Soccer Club.

Young and old, although probably more old than young, dined and wined in true Gala style over stories, incredible photographs, memorabilia and a little mayhem as the entire history of the club — from 1972 to 2022 — was laid bare for all to revel in and enjoy.

Guests baring some of the biggest and most legendary Eagles names in history assembled — too many to name — with ripping yarns of fiery red cards, beer soaked dressing sheds, lifting trophies, tackles gone bad, taking on allcomers … the highest of highs and a few heartfelt lows.

The big screens were alight with messages and timelines, imagery and sound as the club’s 50 years of football leapt to life.

The club’s humble beginnings in a (slightly) undersize patch of grass at the Nerang Velodrome grew and grew to reach Perry Park grand finals and matches against some of the best in Queensland.

The Eagles’ renowned battle-hardened juniors, our history in women’s football traced all the way back to 1974, a lot was covered and rightfully so — a few tears were shed for those we lost, and many more laughs for those we didn’t.

Our modern club and the rollercoaster of a Celtic partnership, and the rapid rise and fall of our ranks as we navigate the evolving landscape of the game in Queensland.

A huge thanks to the organising committee spearheaded by Jacko, a successful weekend in every possible way!


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