Welcome to all returning and new Eagles and a big welcome also to the Pacific Pines FC players and staff!

Fixtures and map below


Please note: that fixtures are subject to change and field maps may also change ahead of the day, so please check back here before your game for any possible updates.

All games will be played under the laws/formats of the Football Queensland and national formats and rules.

All U12 and U13 games will have offside enforced by referees.

U10 and U11 games, players should be strongly encouraged by coaches and game leaders (referees) to play the game from an onside position at all times and get back onside quick, not linger offside or deliberately seek to play offside to gain an advantage.

All parents must be outside fences and/or 2.5 metres back from field sidelines, must be opposite or well away from coaches and technical areas.

Please cheer on and support players from both teams, but please refrain from shouting instructions, prompts or criticism at players – these games are friendly pre-season games.

We recommend that parents and carers be sun smart when visiting our club, and feel free to put up marquees as long as they are back from fields and do not obstruct or hinder the movement of people and staff around the fields.

FIELD 1 is closed for renovation recovery, please keep ALL players and visitors off this field, with the exception of players and officials on Field 1A.

Please also respect and support our officials and staff and remember that many of our young referees are also learning and in training, and they will make mistakes, so please support them.



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