2023 Team Photos


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PLEASE ORDER PORTRAIT PACKS AHEAD OF YOUR SHOOT!!! Portraits are not taken for every player, only those with portrait orders placed.

SCHEDULE is as displayed here

  • Teams and players to arrive approx 5 minutes ahead of their shoot to the muster area on map below
  • Teams to be dressed in full game-day uniform including socks, boots and shorts as well as game-day playing shirts
  • Please NO watches, fitbits, jewellery, chains, shinguard straps, hats etc
  • Sorry but parents are strictly NOT permitted to be in the photo shoot area or to take photographs of the teams when they are getting their team photos done
Photo orders will be distributed on the day of your team’s end of year presentation.

Please liaise with your coaches regarding the shoot – questions and requests please email info@coralseamedia.com.au


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Team + Portraits / $33.00

PACK B PORTRAIT // Team + Individual Portrait Shoot including one 8X12 inch team photo print + two 5X7 inch portrait prints

Team Print Only / $25.00

PACK A BASIC // Team Photo Shoot including one 8X12 inch team photo print on archival Fujifilm photo stock

Team + More Portraits / $40.00

PACK C DELUXE // Team + Individual Portrait Shoot includes one 8X12 inch team photo print + two 6X8 inch and four 5X7 inch portrait prints