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VIDEO: Goal Of The Year Comes Down To The Wire!

SEE THE GOALS HERE: The 2021 Nerang Soccer Club seniors Goal of the Year award has come down to the wire, with two of the goals tied for first place after six of the seven judges had lodged their votes — video below.The 3-2-1 voting system saw each of the judges score 3 points for what they saw was the best goal, two for second best and 1 point for the third best. This year’s seven judges were (in no particular order) —

Fred Stone — Gold Coast football stalwart and Nerang Soccer Club President
Craig Shaw — Former Nerang Eagles legend and now gun coach operating out in the USA
Ebbe Sorensen — Nerang Soccer Club old boy and inaugural Coach and Captain of Gold Coast United FC in 1966
Mel Pappas (nee Jeffrey) — Nerang Soccer staple and Jeffrey family legend
Luke Sorensen — Former player and now Nerang Eagles junior goalkeeping coach and media manager
Howard Fox — Eagles life member, old boy and goalkeeping legend on the Gold Coast
Michael Opie — Nerang old boy and current Eagles Junior Coordinator

Before we list the nominated finalists a quick honorary mention to Caleb Murphy for his cracking top bins goal which was not caught on video and Andy Trotter’s goal against Surfers which was submitted after the due date. Worthy shots, certainly goals which set each game on fire!

2021 Nominated Finalists were —

Goal A — Adam Powell, Premier League vs Robina City
Goal B — Jordan Murdoch, Men’s Metro vs Southport
Goal C — Henry Adams, Premier League vs Burleigh
Goal D — Nat Kilsby, Women’s Metro
Goal E — Shaun Robinson, Premier League vs Broadbeach United
Goal F — Tennessee Joel Kingshorn, Coast League, vs Tweed Heads


WINNER – Henry Adams

The final two top contenders were Jordan Murdoch and Henry Adams, with Adams coming out on top in the last vote to take the win.

Congratulations to Henry, a player who certainly had one of his best ever seasons in football for the club and showing the results of his years at the Academy of Football Australia, but having to unfortunately leave early towards the end of the season to head back overseas in pursuit of his football career.

“Great [to be part of those] nominations, there’s some cracking goals in there, I think any of the goals apart from Powelly’s could have won it easily,” said Henry when hearing about his win.

“Big thank you to all the lads, we worked really hard all season and it’s a shame how it all ended, but that’s football I guess.

“Thanks to all the judges, thanks to Verny (Lee Vernon), Pricey (Jon Price), you guys leading us all the way, Cathy, Brad, Lucy and everyone else at the club, couldn’t have done it and gotten this far without you guys.”